How to place a Golden

Before making the decision to place your dog for adoption, we encourage you to make certain you have exhausted all other options. If the dog’s behavior is the issue, we would recommend that you work with a trainer or take your dog through obedience training because this can teach you how to change some behaviors and manage others. Perhaps finding a dog walker or a neighbor to give your dog some exercise in the middle of the day will help. We are happy to assist you in finding a trainer or behaviorist if you have not worked with one yet. If the kids are grown and you don’t have enough time for your senior dog, remember that most older Goldens don’t require a lot of exercise to be happy and will deal with less exercise and attention far better than the stress of being moved to a new home. If you are moving and have concerns that your dog will not be happy in their new home because the yard is smaller, remember that what is important to the dog is being with you and they can adjust to most any environment as long as they are inside the home with you. They do not, however, tolerate living as an outside dog so if that is to be their fate, then finding a new home for them would likely be in their best interest.

If you feel that placing your dog in a new home is in your dog’s best interest, then the next step is to notify the breeder from whom you bought your dog. Most reputable breeders require you to notify them if you are unable to keep your dog at any time and this will be spelled out in their contract. If you are not bound by such an agreement and you are unable to find the breeder or they decline to take the dog back, then we are here to assist you. The first thing you need to do is to fill out a listing agreement on-line.  EGRR online Listing Agreement. There is a $10.00 listing fee which can be paid via PayPal.

Once the listing agreement is submitted on-line, you will be contacted by a member of our Intake Team within 24 hours and she will discuss the situation with you. Included in that discussion will be questions about your dog’s behavior and temperament, health history, training, reason you are placing her and if it will be necessary to put her into a foster home. We request that all dogs coming into our program be up to date on their shots for their own protection and the protection of the foster home’s own dogs. We also greatly appreciate it if your dog is not already surgically sterilized that you have him or her spayed or neutered prior to coming into Rescue as they will handle the stress of the surgery better in a familiar environment.

If you are not contacted by one of our volunteers or your situation is urgent, please e-mail us by clicking here or call our message line (206) 286-5900.

All of our adopters go through a screening process including a home check.  Additionally, we follow-up on all of our placements for as long as needed including providing advice regarding trainers, veterinarians, etc.  If at any time the adopter is no longer able to keep their EGRR dog, they are required to notify us and we will take the dog back immediately.  If rehoming your Golden is the right thing to do, we will assist you in the process and find the best possible home for you dog.