On November 2, a quorum of EGRR members voted unanimously to approve a Board request for the dissolution of EGRR. This was a very difficult decision for the board to make but it was done with the best interest of our volunteers and the dogs we serve in mind. We are proud of our accomplishments and the many dogs and families who have benefited during the past 15 years from the hard work of our many volunteers. We would like to thank our adopters, volunteers, members, veterinarians and donors who have supported us through the years for without you, we could not have done this very important work.

We are very pleased to announce that Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon (GBR) has offered to extend their services to the western Washington area and fill the void that our closure leaves. In addition to meeting the needs of Golden Retrievers in western Washington who need to be rehomed, they will be responsible for any EGRR dog who needs to be returned for any reason thus fulfilling the requirement in our adoption contract. We are extremely grateful to GBR for their willingness to take on the additional responsibilities. Just as EGRR, GBR is affiliated with the National Golden Retriever Rescue Committee (NRC). It is our hope that you will support GBR and their efforts as you have supported EGRR all these years. You can contact Golden Bond Rescue at, and (503) 892-2897

You can also stay abreast of Golden Retriever activities by going to the Evergreen Golden Retriever Club website at