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Due to the fact that our intake numbers have declined by 80% since 2010 and we have become aware of the dire need for help of Golden Retrievers in other countries, EGRR recently began importing Goldens from South Korea and will soon bring some in from China.  We join the ranks of many Golden Retriever Rescue groups across the country and in Canada that have been importing Goldens for over 5 years from countries like Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea and, more recently, China.  These effort could not happen without the help of the courageous and hardworking volunteers in these countries.  The imported dogs have been legally turned over to the rescue volunteers in these countries.  If these dogs are not moved out of the country, many will face certain death.  By moving these dogs to the US, the rescuers can then take in more dogs. Before being shipped to the U.S. the dogs are vetted, tested for heart-worm, parasites and other diseases and treated if indicated.  They are also vaccinated, quarantined, micro-chipped and if appropriate, spayed or neutered.  Although not all, some of the dog have been cared for in foster homes.   All regulations by the Department of Agriculture, the Center for Disease Control and the state of Washington are followed and all necessary permits are obtained.

We are looking for individuals or families who are interested in adopting a young Golden Retriever and would be willing to take an imported dog on a “foster to adopt” basis.  You are not obligated to adopt the dog you foster but it does give you the first chance.  EGRR will pay vet costs while in foster care including 6 months of Heart Worm preventative and the foster home will provide the food.  It our hope and plan that the dogs will be cleared for adoption within 4 weeks of arriving.  Adoption fee for these dogs is $600 for an adult dog, age 1 year and older and $700 for a puppy under 1 year of age.  Due to the fact that some of these dogs show some degree of resource guarding of their food bowl, which is understandable given how they lived, and we have no history on them, in most cases they will not be adopted to families with children under the age of 10.   Additionally, a securely fenced yard is required.   Their flight to Seattle involves a very long flight and many hours spent non-stop in an airline crate.  As a result, these dogs will often refuse to go into an airline crate again.  Some will tolerate a wire crate.  Either way, we recommend confining them when they are home alone either using a baby gate or an exercise pen.  We feel that these dogs should not be left alone for too long so another requirement is that someone is home with these dogs at night and part of the day. 

Since EGRR has a waiting list of families wanting to adopt, those on our waiting list will be considered first for these dogs.  Should anyone on our waiting list decline to participate in this program, this will not affect their standing or place on our waiting list.  We view this as an opportunity for those interested and well suited for one of these dogs in addition to being literally a life saver for the dogs we bring over.

EGRR joins a growing list of Golden Retriever Rescue groups around the country who have been importing dogs from countries like Turkey, Egypt, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Taiwan, China and Korea.  Some of these groups have been importing dogs for over 5 years and they have provided advice and assistance to the groups new to the effort.  Our volunteers frequently communicate with volunteers from some of these groups and have learned from their experiences. We are planning on bringing in 2 or 3 Goldens from China probably in June in a joint effort with three other Golden Retriever programs from other states to bring in 23 dogs rescued from a slaughter house.  We are also planning for the arrival of seven 6 month old pups from South Korea in early June and a young (1-2 yr old female) from Korea (date to be determined) who has a broken foot.

If you would like to learn more about the imported Goldens or be considered to adopt one, please write a paragraph or two about yourself, your family members including pets, living situation including your yard/fence, how long the dog would typically be alone and where he would stay when you are gone, where he would sleep at night, your dog experience, training experience and anything else you think we should know.  Please understand that multiple factors will be considered for those interested in adopting an imported dog and a normally outstanding applicant may be declined for logistical reasons.

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The cost to save these Goldens and bring them to Seattle far exceeds their adoption fee.  Once here, these dogs incur additional veterinary expenses.  If you would just like to support our efforts, please consider donating to EGRR via PayPal.