We welcome any person who supports the goals of our organization to become a New Member!

Although we are always in need of more volunteers, you can join EGRR without signing up to work. Your membership shows a commitment to Rescue of Golden Retrievers in our area and helps to offset our expenses. Annual individual membership is only $10.00 and you can choose from 4 types of memberships.

A Full membership in Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue (EGRR) is for those who wish to participate in activities, contribute to decision making, be able to vote at the Annual Meeting of members, or for those who wish to hold office, such as on the Board of Directors.A Supporting membership is for those who purely wish to express their support for the goals of Rescue.

A “Supporting – Golden” (“S-G”) membership is for, …well…, all Golden Retrievers supporting Rescue. In January of 2011, EGRR had a membership application unexpectedly come in from “Star”.  Star is a former EGRR Rescue who has been happily living in his forever home for some time.  It appeared he was so happy there, that he wanted to join Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue (EGRR) as a member.  And so he did. Well, that provoked several other Golden Retrievers to bark up and ask if they could also become members.  In fact, Star started a movement, and in 2011 we had to create a brand new Category of Membership – The “S-G” (“Supporting – Golden”) Membership.  This has been a VERY popular membership category.

Then, at the announcement of the new category of membership, EGRR was immediately petitioned that other wonderful breeds should not feel left out.  So, for all other pals of Golden Retrievers who also support Rescue, there is now the “Supporting – Other Kinship” (“S-O”) membership.

We are a 501c3 charitable service organization composed entirely of volunteers. What we can provide you for your membership is the knowledge that you are helping homeless Golden’s in our community and helping to promote responsible dog ownership. You are now in our website where information about adoption, relinquishing a dog, volunteer opportunities and other topics is available. This includes our Rescue newsletter, “The Golden Nuggets”. There is also an interconnecting website link to the Evergreen Golden Retriever Club (EGRC) where you can also stay abreast of Golden Retriever activities.

You can obtain a Membership Application by clicking here.