The Pacific Northwest is a very dog friendly area and often has dog related activities that you and in some cases your dog can attend. In addition to formal obedience training, taking your dog to dog-friendly events is a good way to socialize them. Do keep in mind that your dog must be good on a leash and under control at all times. Also remember to clean up after your dog should he leave a “calling card”.

The following websites will help you to find dog events in our area:

We will also occasionally post Golden Retriever events sponsored by the Evergreen Golden Retriever Club or Rescue events.



Quick Reminder on 2016 Membership

The calendar-year 2018 Membership renewal period is happening.  Many thanks to those who have already renewed membership.  Your support is very appreciated!!!  New members are most welcome!


 PU Screening Clinic – Filled – registration closed

The annual PU screening clinic will again be held under the sponsorship of the Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue.  All Golden Retrievers, regardless of how they were acquired, should be screened annually starting at age 4.  If your dog is clear for the first screening or two, do not assume that he is clear for life.  Many dogs have passed several exams only to be diagnosed with PU at age 6 or older.  Left untreated, PU will likely progress to Glaucoma which can then result in severe pain and blindness for the dog.  It is felt that as many as 25-30% of Golden Retrievers will be diagnosed with Pigmentary Uveitis in their lifetime.  This condition cannot be diagnosed by a regular veterinarian and the redness that sometimes accompanies PU is often mistaken for allergy symptoms.  The test for PU is quick, easy and painless.  Please share this information with friends, acquaintances, colleagues and strangers who own a Golden Retriever.  All pet Goldens are welcome.  This clinic is not, however, for CERF exams or for dogs who have already been diagnosed with PU or other eye condition. Registration is limited.

  • June 16, 2018 / Animal Eye Clinic
  • 8am – 11:30 am
  • 5339 Roosevelt Way NE.  Seattle, 98105 (Ravenna neighborhood).  MAP
  • Cost: $30.00

To schedule your dog call the Animal Eye Clinic now.  Those attending the clinic are asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to the appointment so that your dog’s eyes can be dilated.  Please allow ample travel time especially with all of the road construction in Seattle and environs. We recommend that you have the staff come to your car to put the dilating eye drops in and then wait there or take your dog for a walk as the waiting room can get very crowded and not all dogs tolerate this well.  Please keep your dog on a short leash and under control.  Remember to be careful exercising your dog after the appointment while his eyes are dilated especially if it is a sunny day. If you are unable to attend this clinic, you can have your dog screened at an eye clinic held at a dog show or by making an individual appointment with an Ophthalmologist.