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Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue

Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue
PO Box 3088
Renton WA 98056Telephone: (206) 286-5900


This is the most efficient way to contact our volunteers. Please choose the most appropriate email address from the list below. It may take us 48 hours to respond. Please do not call if you have already sent us email.Thank you for your interest in Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue!
Questions about adopting a golden retriever. Please read our Adoption page first!
Questions about volunteering (all activities except for fostering) with EGRR. Please fill out a Volunteer Application as well.
Questions about fostering a golden retriever. Please fill out our Foster Home Application as well.
If you need any information on making donations, from tax receipts, to figuring out what we need most, please email us.
Questions about an upcoming event? Want to suggest an event or location? Email us here.
Giving up your Golden Retriever
If you would like us to take possession of your Golden Retriever, please email us. It may take a few days to find an open foster home for your dog.
Lost Golden Retriever
If you adopted a Golden Retriever from EGRR and your Golden Retriever is lost, please email us and we’ll do our best to help. Please ensure that you also call us – as this is incredibly time sensitive.
For questions that don’t fit into the above categories.
For questions about becoming a member or our Membership Application.
Post Placement Coordinator
Post Placement Coordinator.